Menu-Hey Bing Boy

Bing Boy is an exciting new food outlet offering a thin wheat omelette wrap with various fillings. Quick and healthy, a popular food made in the streets of China for centuries, now made hot and fresh at bing boy.

Welcome to bing boy

Bing Boy brings urban Asian street food to Australia – tasty, fresh, quick and healthy.

A travelling experience through Asia from the comfort of home.

Take your tastebuds on a mini adventure at your closest bing boy store today!


We’ve got 4 new flavours for you to try at selected stores around the country! Choose 1 for $3.50, 2 for $6.90, all 3 for only $9.90.


  • Saigon Chow – Lemongrass Prawn – We take our famous thin wheat pancake, and layer on juicy cooked prawn, then add shredded cucumber, fresh basil, crispy wonton, and a generous drizzle of aromatic lemongrass sauce. Saigon Chow – take a bow!


  • Bangkok Chow – Sriracha Chicken –  This is our hot and saucy one! On our famous thin wheat pancake we arrange succulent pieces of chicken, sweet and sour carrot, plus wonton. Then we top it with fresh basil leaf and splashes of hot Sriracha sauce. Bangkok Chow – kapow!


  • Seoul Chow – Hoisin Beef – For this one we start with thinly sliced marinated beef that’s been grilled until tender, then layer on shredded cucumber, mixed salad, and just the perfect amount of sweet and salty hoisin sauce. Seoul Chow – oh wow!


  • Tokyo Chow – We start with succulent pieces of chicken, add shredded cucumber, mixed salad, wontons, then drizzle it all with our yummy teriyaki sauce and wrap it in our famous thin wheat pancake. Kampai! Tokyo Chow – eat it now!