Bing’s Story

Bing boy has evolved from a traditional Chinese street food called “Jian Bing”, and this is the story of how it all came to be.

Let us take you back… remember a few thousand years ago when life was simple, food was honest and the feudal Tang Dynasty was in rule? Oh, you can’t recall… well let us fill you in on what you have missed.

The year was 618 AD. give or take a few hundred years, and the very highly anticipated “Imperial Examinations” were taking place as intellectuals across all of the provinces, rich and poor, were given the opportunity to sit the “Imperial Exam”, vying for first place and the prestigious title of “Zhuang Yuan”. This title brought with it great honour, status and power, not to mention a guaranteed position in the upper echelons of Government. Put it this way, getting this ‘gig’ would pretty much set you up for life.

So as the story goes… ‘a young peasant man was wrongfully imprisoned and during his time in prison was not permitted to receive food from his wife, although he was allowed to receive paper, ink and a Chinese brush to write with. Not content with this, the wife came up with a cunning plan to help feed her husband. She substituted the Chinese brush with a spring onion, the ink with a sauce, and the paper with a very thin pancake known as “Jian Bing”. The plan was a success! The husband was well fed, kept his sanity and upon release was able to sit for the “Imperial Examinations”. He achieved first place and the title and position of “Zhuang Yuan”!

As a result of this story, “Jian Bing” is sometimes also referred to as “Zhuang Yuan Bing”, and is still a very popular street food in China, with each province having their own style of “Jian Bing”.

Well here at Bing Boy, we have come up with what we think is the very best version of “Jian Bing”. It is still based on those basic traditional ingredients, with the addition of a few extra fillings which make our Bings™ highly nutritious, healthy and extremely tasty!